X-Ray Inspection

The Compulink X-ray Inspection System Provides a Powerful Non-Destructive Analysis Tool


X-Ray Inspection System

Creative Electron Model TruView Prime X-Ray Inspection System

X-Ray Inspection SystemCompulink’s Truview Prime X-ray Inspection System is a versatile and powerful benchtop unit that facilitates the acquisition and generation of high-quality X-ray imagery.  Imaging is available immediately in live mode, but images can also be digitally stored, enhanced and exported using the integrated TruView 11 image enhancement software.  All images and associated test reports can be archived in the project browser for historical record keeping.

The TruView Prime X-ray Inspection System provides Compulink with a powerful non-destructive analysis tool that greatly expands our diagnostic, investigative and development capabilities by allowing us to “see” inside molded, or encapsulated assemblies to evaluate the condition, geometry and orientation of printed circuit boards, devices, connectors, conductors, and assembly components that are not otherwise able to be verified. This invaluable imaging tool aids our quality and engineering teams in the evaluation and troubleshooting of finished product and production processes.


This imaging tool aids Compulink’s engineering, design and quality control teams in the evaluation, trouble shooting and enhancement of product designs.