Rapid Prototyping of Over-Molded Cable Assembly Strain Reliefs Using 3D Printed Molds for Quick Turn Prototypes, 1st Articles and Fit Checks.

Quick Turn 3D Modeling and Printing of Solid ABS Molds for Prototypes

Compulink has in-house capability to print 3D solid ABS molds using extrusion-based technology. This includes rapid prototyping of over molded strain reliefs through in-house manufacturing of 3D printed molds.

These 3D printed molds are then used to produce prototypes of over-molded cable assemblies allowing our customers to validate aesthetics, design, fit, dimensions, and functionality early in the design process, ultimately reducing time-to-market and cost.

3D CAD Design

Compulink’s molds are designed using the latest 3D Cad and modeling software creating error free designs that can be digitally translated directly to advanced manufacturing and machining equipment.

Rapid Prototyping and Quick Turn Service

Compulink’s engineering lab can rapidly produce simple or complex prototypes from any type of instruction; verbal, written, or sample to provide quick turn of critical prototypes, demonstration units or small lot production.

Value Added Cost Reduction. Improved Quality, Manufacturability, and Lead Time.

The engineering lab is responsible for producing all first article units. During the process, engineers will review all customer supplied documentation and make value-added suggestions for cost and lead time reductions as well as process improvements to improve quality and manufacturability.

Early Involvement is the Key

Compulink is an industry leader in the development and fabrication of molded cable assemblies for an array of military, commercial, industrial, transportation, and medical applications. Involve us early in your project. Our skilled team will assist you in designing a cost-effective over – molded solution for your unique rapid prototype requirement. We can quickly produce working samples, prototypes and 1st articles using our in-house 3D printed molds to validate your design concept.

About Compulink

Compulink specializes in Overmolded Cable and Harness Assemblies for the Tactical Military Environment. Located in St. Petersburg, FL, Compulink is an industry leading manufacturer of complex wire harnesses and custom molded cable assemblies. They produce high quality, build-to-print cables and harnesses for commercial and military applications. Compulink serves original equipment manufacturers and military contractors nationwide with excellence in design engineering, prototype fabrication and volume production. All processes and procedures within our 40,000 square foot facility comply with ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 quality management system standards.