Cable and Harness Assembly Prototyping, Manufacture and Test



Skilled Team Of Engineers With Hands On Knowledge of Cable and Harness Assembly

The Compulink management team has hundreds of years of experience in component sourcing recommendations, manufacture and test of cable and harness assemblies. Our skilled team of industrial and mechanical engineers have the hands on experience required to assist with cost reduction in relation to your design validation, first article and prototyping activities.

Rugged Overmold Solutions

We have extensive in house overmold capabilities that will reduce cost and improve aesthetics, strain relief and the environmental sealing of your high reliability or military application. Our rugged overmold solutions can be found in military equipment and demanding applications world wide. Compulink has the capability to validate your initial design concept with in house 3D CAD and 3D modeling/printing capability.

Automation Reduces Customer Cost

Our industrial engineers will review your forecasted manufacturing requirements and then implement lean production methods to ensure a smooth transition to full manufacturing. In addition, we are highly automated and our industrial engineering team will specify and obtain the optimum equipment to produce your cable or harness assembly at minimal cost.

Rapid Prototyping And Quick Turn Service

We understand the challenges and time constraints associated with bringing a product to market quickly.  Compulink has the quick turn, rapid prototyping capability required to assist you in getting to market quickly and at a reduced cost.


  • Skilled Engineering Staff
  • Rugged Overmold Solutions
  • Reduced Cost through Automation
  • Rapid Prototyping and Quick Turn Service